Boss’s Day: a great party in the US, what would be the project in France?

We received a gift last Friday, a gift card to our favorite restaurant in honor of “National Boss's day.” It is true that in our French vision, it may seem surprising or even incongruous; however, I have questioned some employees in other companies and realize that it's a party rather followed - some explained to me that it reflects gratitude to their boss for having a good job in order to support their families and if their boss gives them a bonus, it's fantastic... there I had to remain in a state of hallucination and illumination at a time...

Still remember that France imported from the USA Secretaries’ Day. Indeed, created in the United States in 1951 and imported to France in the 90s, day of the secretaries was initially intended to promote the profession to encourage vocations. Although the Boss's day appeared in the USA in 1958, four years later (in 1962), Illinois Governor Otto Kerner supported registration of Haroski and officially proclaimed the day. The popularity of the event is increasingly outside the US and is now also found in countries such as Australia, India and South Africa... but not in France. Some people give cards, gift certificates or flowers to their bosses. This respect is becoming more popular in different workplaces. He received praise and controversy.

As for us, we were very touched by this kindness... just a good concept to export...

Here is a small intercultural aside but, in my view also shows why entrepreneurs take delight to start in the USA.

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