The French Paradox

The phenomenon of the "French paradox" is reflected in the low rate of heart disease and obesity in France compared to other Western countries

Yet, the French drink much wine and eat a lot of bread, croissants, butter, cream, pastry and cheese, which is caloric, then how to explain this low rate?

So we will see the features of a French lifestyle:

1. The consumption of red wine

Antioxidant components in red wine could promote the benefits of the health of the heart and blood vessels. Moderate consumption of red wine can be preventative against coronary heart disease. The red wine produces an anticoagulant action which prevents the initiation and progression of atherosclerosis, reduces the risk of kidney stone formation, and reduces the harmful effect of smoking on the endothelium.

Although red wine is the most famous paradox is not the only one.

2. Eat slowly

The French relish their food, they taste the food. When you take your time with small bites, you enjoy more food and you are satisfied with less amounts of food.

The US eats more quickly while doing other activities at the same time (computer, telephone, TV ...).

3. Small portions

The French portions are smaller than American. Although the French consume calorie products like butter and cheese, research shows they consume fewer calories. For example, the standard portion of a yogurt in France is 125 grams to 225 grams in the United States.

4. A high consumption of fruits and vegetables

The French eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, holders of fiber and vitamins.

5. The quality is more important than quantity

The French eat less processed products than Americans. The French love that the food is fresh and tasty. Their usually buy their fruit and vegetables in open-air local market, their bread from the bakery, fish at the fishery, cheese from the fromagerie. The products are more expensive in these places but they are fresher and better.

6. Homemade

The French cook more than Americans. Cooking themselves allows them to control food and reduce the consumption of preservatives, fat transformations, sugar and salt.

7. Self-discipline

The French are paying more attention to their weight. If they have eaten too much for one day they will always be careful about what they eat the next day.

8. No "nibbling"

The French tend to snack much less than Americans. If they do snack, the French often choose fresh fruit between meals.

9. Drinks: water / sodas

The French drink more bottled water than Americans. Conversely, Americans consume more soft drinks than the French.

10. Walking, a life 'naturally active'

The French walk a lot, daily walking is part of the French lifestyle. They prefer to walk further distances rather than take the car and get stuck in traffic.

So the French paradox is not just red wine and low calorie consumption. It is a culture of being physically active and taking time to enjoy small portions of fresh food.

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