5 secrets to customer loyalty and profits

Temporary customers do not feed the growth of your business. It takes customer loyalty to ensure long-term success. The customer loyalty will increase profits of your business

Here is a list of some strategies to build customer loyalty:

1. The "freemium" model really works

Successful companies (like Dropbox, Skype ...) each offer free trials or a free version of their offer allowing users to test and use their services to determine whether they are beneficial. If your offer is limited to a few days and it rained customers, they will be tempted by the purchase. The user can also get a free reward if he invites his friends to play, which will increase the number of users.

2. Customization can lead to loyal customers

A web page with clear proposals and relevant values ​​will attract more attention. You will analyze visits to your users and will customize your site according to their behavior. Added relevance will intrigue the visitor to stay longer on your site. You will test each behavior to see what works for each segment of your audience. Customize your website to attract and retain customers.

3. Smart surveys build loyalty in the customer life cycle

A survey is a tactic to gather accurate information on the experience of a sale to put in place and monitoring effective marketing.

The customer feels important; investigations give the customer satisfaction that we actively communicate with them.

4. Aligning calls-to-action with your inbound keywords can increase conversion

The calls-to-action throughout your website add value to any page or function. Look at using analytical research. Google what keywords drive traffic to determine which keywords are driving traffic and from what specific sources. Then personalize some calls-to-actions throughout your website with these keywords to cater your different audiences.

5. The gamification helps the actuating value of long-term customers

Large companies have offered games as an incentive to interact with their business. For example, the success of Nike + was powered by a mobile application that allows users to set running goals, earn rewards by crossing steps and get congratulatory messages from world-class athletes. The membership of Nike + increased by 40% in 2011 and helped boost revenues by 30% in that product category.

Think outside of the content of your products and your services by offering various actions through your website to improve the overall user experience. This has an impact on your retention rate.

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