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As every year we remind you to register a green card (permanent visa), the famous sesame allowing you to live and work on the American ground and run to acquire, if you want, citizenship.

Each year, as part of its diversity immigrant visa program (program to maintain a certain diversity among the immigrant population in the US), the US government holds a lottery for about 50,000 foreigners to receive the famous sesame. This lottery is between October and November of each year.

Registration is free and requires having a digitized photograph to submit to enter the lottery: Here are the site where you register is ONLY FROM EARLY OCTOBER.


It is open only to nationals of some countries each year. Countries considered high intake of immigrants are excluded from the lottery and other countries listed on the website.

For the session 2013, 7.9 million and 4.6 million candidates’ companions had applied a figure that has been increasing in recent years. Among them, 26,687 French (17,143, and companions), of which only 549 were selected. In 2012, only 196 French went to the end of the procedure and had obtained a green card through the lottery (Source L'Express)

This is perhaps one of the last for the green card lottery in the history of the United States. The famous "Green Card Lottery" could disappear next year if the immigration reform bill ended.

So do not forget to register this year!!

ReussirUSA remains at your disposal to assist you with your installation and implementation steps!

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