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Relocating to the USA may be paying as long as you plan the project. It is a process that needs to be thoughtful, planned and that can take time.


In addition, it must meet certain chronological steps as necessary:


  • The feasibility study;

  • The choice of location, search of premises or business;

  • The establishment of the network;

  • The establishment of the company;

  • The opening of bank account;

  • The development of the business plan;

  • The visa.

The regulations of subsidiaries


Subsidiaries are highly regulated in the US, and this is especially true when the latter is foreign. The regulation is limited and needs to be heavily attended by a specialized team in the field.


French regulations is similar to US regulations but it is more complex, more protective of the franchisee and specific to each state.

However, before launching his franchise internationally, it is necessary that your brand has proven itself on the territory of origin.


The franchisor can and must, in its interest to integrate into the process of decision-master franchisees, or lose contact with the end customer.


The main areas affected by the subsidiarie's phenomenon are:


  • Food;

  • Well-being;

  • Services (the person, business, ...);

  • The hotel and real estate.

Find a "masteur-franchiser"


Setting up your French franchise on American soil can be very lucrative indeed Americans crave franchises and chains of stores or restaurants, and many French Franchise projects have the potential to succeed in the United States.


Most companies that wish to implement their franchise in the US choose to go through a "Master Franchisor" who will lead several franchises in the same region.


The advantage of this method is to delegate tasks such as supervision and accurate monitoring of each franchise, recruiting new franchises or the training to master franchisor. This will allow you therefore have to supervise a more reasonable number of entities; it also simplifies the analysis of results and thus better control the decision making process and to analyze the evolution of the franchise.


The master-franchiser will have the role of the franchisor in its geographical area. This role will be to recruit and supervise franchisees and then pay them royalties to the franchisor. 






Mother company=franchiser

Funds research


Create a company in the United States requires minimum funds. Some visas (including the EB-5 visa) require a minimum investment.


Various means of financing are available to French and European companies wishing to set up their business in the United States. It can help is coming from private, governmental and regional aid.


It is necessary to have adequate resources for financial foothold in the American territory. Search on site funds can then conditiond has to have a solid project and already supported by funding .. For ailleirs, for an investor visa either E2 or EB5, it must demonstrate its financial resources and the E2 visa, demonstrate that these resources are able to support your project.


There are several ways to raise funds:


Personal funds;

  • Support (French and American);

  • loans;

  • family;

  • Etc ... 


Without financial record in the US, it is difficult to get a loan from a US bank. For some startup, and if the project is original, it is possible to find financial partners (such as "business angels" and égalements of Rails on some platforms crowdfunding that we can recommend)


Indeed, it is possible to assist you in setting up your file from some crowdfunding platforms. Some states also allocate tax deductions that we will validate with an accountant.

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